Benefits of Switching from Plastic to Eco-Friendly Packaging

paper bags are an incredible alternative to eco-friendly paper packaging

Packaging is everywhere—in the cupboards, shopping trolleys, deliveries, and so much more. However, the sheer amount of synthetic materials and plastic used to manufacture the packaging is contributing to global warming.

The increase in temperature and melting icebergs leading to rising sea levels are wreaking havoc in many parts of the world. The non-biodegradable material not only adds to the pollution but also negatively impacts the ecosystem.

Consumers worldwide are propelling companies toward ecological stewardship, sustainability, and greater accountability. Eco-friendly paper packaging is one-way companies are meeting these needs.

Research reveals diverse business and environmental benefits of reusable, sustainable, and bio-degradable packaging. Many businesses find the sustainable mindset rewards them with up to 63% cost savings in terms of lower freight costs and expanded opportunities that come with improved brand buzz.

Here’s how eco-friendly paper packaging by Dhara Paper, a leading paper manufacturing company in the UAE, can help your business yield business and ecological savings.

The Environmental Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging

#1- Reduced Carbon Footprint

When you use paper bags made of recyclable and sustainable materials, the carbon footprint of your packaging reduces significantly. Cardboard or paper bags help draw carbon out of the environment. So eco-friendly paper packaging is the way to go if your goal is carbon neutrality.

#2- Biodegradable

Packaging made from natural materials doesn’t take hundreds or thousands of years to break down. It also doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the waterways. Some paper bags are also compostable and recyclable.

#3- No Harmful Toxins

Petrochemical finite resources are non-sustainable. They’re the primary resource for making plastic, making the extraction, distribution, refinement, use, or disposal processes much more harmful to the environment. Eco-friendly paper packaging and boxboards available at Dhara Paper have none of these issues over the lifespan because they biodegrade and don’t comprise any harmful chemicals like their plastic counterparts.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging For the Business’s Bottom Line

#1- Lower Costs

Products that depend on scarce resources are likely to become more expensive over time. The EPA reveals sustainable packaging is a great way to recover lost revenue due to unnecessary waste and manufacturing inefficiencies.

#2- Versatility

You can benefit from eco-friendly packaging no matter what industry you belong to. Whether you’re looking for food board paper or boxboard and paper bags for cosmetics, clothing, electronic devices, or anything else, Dhara Paper can help you find eco-friendly packaging that meets your specific needs.

#3- Brand Image and Customer Base

Establishing yourself as an environmentally conscious company helps create trust and credibility within the customer base. About 32% of modern consumers indicate an active desire to improve the environment, while 23% want to reduce their carbon footprint, and 21% advocate reducing production waste.

With the rising number of people who prefer interacting only with brands that work toward sustainable goals and practices, switching to eco-friendly paper packaging from plastic can help expand your customer base.

Eco-Friendly Packing Doesn’t Need to Be Dull and Boring

Sourcing eco-friendly paper packaging can take up a lot of precious time when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Dhara Paper is the paper manufacturing company you need when it comes to buying duplex boards online or investing in paper bags, folding box boards, and other sustainable packaging materials.

Our paper company also offers A4 copy papers, folio paper, carbonless paper, thermal rolls, 80 and 100-GSM wood-free paper, art papers, and bulk commodity paper supplies in different sizes and textures to meet an array of functional and aesthetic needs.

Schedule a consultation to check out the samples of our broad range of paper products.

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