About Dhara Paper

Dhara Paper is one of the renowned paper manufacturers in the UAE specializing in paper-related products. With our operation set in Dubai, we at Dhara Paper provide niche solutions molded for your requirements. Supplying our products in 20 countries globally, we plan to move forward in this journey of excellence with quality that meets the industry’s highest standards while being the most efficient and sustainable producers.

A high-quality multifunctional paper manufacturer, we make every effort to meet the demands of our customers while also protecting the environment. Willing to go great lengths to find exactly what you need, when you need it, and at the best possible price. We can acquire multiple paper products for various sectors with close ties to different paper factories. As a commitment to the industry, we pride ourselves on selecting the best suppliers’ leaders in environmental practices. We encourage all our customers to recycle and help buy and sell waste paper of all qualities.

Our core focus is on being the best in the industry regarding service, quality, and innovative solutions. Highly known for our custom projects at affordable rates and our positive environmental practices, we take pride in presenting high-quality premium multipurpose papers for your multipurpose needs. Get in touch with us for further queries, and we’ll provide you with customized solutions.