Duplex Board Supplier Dubai

Dhara paper company is also a renowned duplex board supplier in Dubai, UAE. We source superior quality Duplex boards reasonably priced and in varied designs, from experienced engineers and technicians with advanced production equipment. With years of industry experience, our products are extensively used in different industries, including packing, printing and other industries. As a commitment to the industry, we take pride in engaging with leaders who are as forward-thinking as we are in sustainability and recycling. We are not just a high-quality duplex board supplier but also concerned members of the global world, and we ensure to do our bit for the environment. Buy duplex board online with Dhara Paper.

Duplex Board – Things You Should Know

  • Duplex Board is the most durable discovery for everyday usage, coming from the family of paperboard and cardboard.
  • It’s sturdy and light, with a coating on the outside to make it more heat-resistant and polished, and a non-coated duplex board that’s strong enough to manufacture disposable cups.
  • It’s made entirely of wood pulp with a bleaching liner on one side.
  • One side of the duplex board features a shiny coat surface for improved printability.
  • It is made up of two layers and comes in various coatings for various applications.
  • Duplex boards with a grey or white back are also known as Greyback or White back duplex boards.

Duplex Board – Characteristics



Consistency is the key! Because of its consistent coating and smooth finish, the duplex board is widely used for practically all products and industries worldwide. It also allows for easy printing, making it suitable for all industries.

Rigid and Unyielding

Rigid and Unyielding

Duplex boards are exceptionally stiff and rigid. Duplex boards are specifically designed for packing and have anti-curling qualities.



Duplex board can be custom-shaped to match any shape or mould.

No moisture

No Moisture

Duplex boards include a moisture-resistant coating layer that resists moisture and particles.