Top Reasons Paper Books Are Still More Popular Than E-Books

book printed with high-quality paper from a paper factory in UAE

Reportedly, the first first e-reader dates back to 1998. When the e-reader was introduced, many people believed it was the beginning of the end of printed books. However, two decades later, paper books are just as popular as ever.

Pew Research Center’s survey shows that 38% prefer reading printed books only. Meanwhile, 27% said they read book e-books and printed books. Only 6% of people admitted to reading e-books over their physical counterparts.

So why is it that a vast majority of people still prefer paper books for themselves and their children? Experts at one of the leading paper manufacturing companies in the UAE, Dhara Paper, share some benefits of printed books over e-books.

#1- Complete Sensory Experience

The experience of feeling paper matters for avid book readers. The unmatched smell of paper and the crackle of the flipping pages—all enhance the reading experience much more than any e-book. You can observe the number of pages you’ve already read versus the ones that are still untouched. It plays a crucial part in the psychological and sensory experience of reading.

#2- Higher Retention Rate

Studies have shown that people of all ages learn better with paper books. The act of turning pages creates an index in our brains and maps information in the book, which helps our brain retain more of what we’ve read. So, while reading e-books is also educational, readers get more out of a book when they read from a physical copy.

Another research concluded that people using e-readers experienced more difficulty recalling events in a story than those who were asked to read the same story in print. In addition, taking notes is also a hassle in e-readers. While most offer a note function, the slow refresh rate makes it not worth the effort.

Highlighting important things by selecting the right text is equally problematic in e-books, especially if the line crosses over to the next page. Printed books don’t have any such problem. You can easily pop the highlighter to highlight anything, use sticky notes, write in the margins, or even fold paper sheets and keep them between the pages.

#3- Better for Health

A study by the Harvard Medical School found that reading from a light-emitting device before bed impacts the ability to sleep. It further reduces alertness the next day and has an overall negative impact on health. On the contrary, paper books have no adverse effects. They bring a wealth of advantages, including improved memory, enhanced mental development, and increased language skills.

#4- Better Price Point

Reading on brightly lit devices is not recommended. And e-readers can cost upwards of $100 compared to affordable paperback novels that cost only a few dollars. You’ll have to purchase the e-books separately. But with physical books, you can borrow them for free from your local library.

If you’re on a journey to write your story, consider publishing it as an e-book and a physical copy to reach a wider audience. When it comes to paper, you can get them in different sizes and textures at Dhara Paper.

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